Business Computer Support

Getting The Most Out Of Your IT Investment

It is important for businesses to have IT systems that increase efficiency thereby saving time & money. If you suspect that your business and your staff could be making better use of your investment in your IT hardware & software, I can provide a full evaluation & detailed report on my findings, on how your business is making use of your current systems and recommend where possible improvements could be made. This is not something that many business owners have much time to look at themselves because running the business naturally takes priority.

It is worth considering if there are training needs amongst the staff or if changes in existing processes & systems could be beneficial.

Data Protection And Internet Connectivity

Security - I can assist you with ensuring that your network is secure and that your data is protected from hacking attempts. It is essential that even small businesses have robust data protection strategies in place. Wifi security is important. Also, fffective backup systems are crucial as part of this.

Internet connectivity - I can diagnose issues that cause 'notspots' that produce patchy data coverage in buildings, router configuration, installation of ethernet cabling, installation of wifi boosters and Powerline Adapters.

Hardware or Software Upgrades

I can advise on the purchase and implement of hardware upgrades (new computers or components) and assist with installation of new software.