Professional computer support - Covid-19 Arrangements

Dartmoor IT Services & Coronavirus

06/02/2021 - Currently, I am carrying out the bulk of my work remotely and only will be recommencing home visits to customers once I have had my vaccinations. I will still wear a mask and gloves inside your home until there is more evidence that the vaccinations prevent infection and spread.

My 'News' page explains how I have been able to provide a full range of services to my customers, remotely, and I feel that it is better to continue with this way of working for the time being.

So, please do contact me if you need help with your computer devices. I can discuss any issues that you are having on the phone, and provide further help as required.

Who I Am

I am Viv Griffin and I provide friendly, helpful and reasonably priced IT support to people and businesses of Dartmoor, and West / East Devon. I have been providing this service for over 15 years and know what help local people and businesses need to get the most out of their computers & devices. I can assist with desktop computers, laptops & tablet computers such as ipads. I always prioritise repair over replacement, if it is practical to do so.


What I Do

Troubleshooting and repairing computers with problems, is a large part of my work. Check out this website to get a better idea of how I can help with a variety of computer issues. I can help with computers that run on any Windows operating systems, Mac (OSX) or Linux as I have expertise in working with all of these systems.