Other Services

Data Recovery

We know that we should 'backup' our data but, sometimes we just don't get around to it. If your computer is getting old and suddenly stops working, this can indicate 'hard drive failure' whch could result in the loss of your precious data, photos for example that are irreplaceable. Don't panic! If you think you may have lost important files as I can attempt to recover them for you, even if you have deleted them yourself. I cannot guarantee success but, will not charge you if none of the data you want to retrieve is recoverable.

If this happens, turn off your computer immediately, unplug it from the electric and contact me. If you keep trying to get it to work, you will be doing even more damage to the failed hard drive and making loss of your data even more likely.


Photo & Document Scanning

Photos taken on the old film cameras do deteriorate over time. Do you have old photos that you want to transfer to digital format for storage / viewing on your computer? I can scan (to normal or high quality) your old photos and copy them to a DVD. I also provide document scanning services.


Making The Internet In Your Home "Safe" For Children

Parents are becoming increasingly concerned about how their children use the internet but, don't always know how to control or manage the way that their children use it. I can advise on and implement strategies to help you with this. However, it is important to understand that most available technical obstacles can be overcome by those who are more technically knowledgable or determined.