Current News - New Arrangements During The COVID-19 Pandemic


During the pandemic, my main concern has been to continue delivery of Dartmoor IT Services but, to do in a safe, responsible way that will not put my customers at risk, perticularly the more elderly ones. During this period, I will use this part of my website to explain any changes in service delivery and provide further information on how my customers who at some point, may be confined to their homes, can maintain contact with friends / relatives / myself (if necessary) with my current customers.

There are shortages of many types of computer equipment currently but, if you need to purchase a new computer and cannot find one that suits you, I am happy to advise.


1) Telephone / Email Advice / Home Visits

As usual, I will provide telephone / email advice, when you first contact me about a computer problem: I may be able to help you solve the problem yourself. But I may need physical access to your computer to diagnose the problem and repair it.

If you are able to and are nearby, I may ask you to bring the computer to me. Otherwise, I may collect it from your home. I will wear face mask, eye protection and disposable gloves for your protection.

2) Remote Computer Support

Normally, I do many home visits but, these are not possible right now. Remote Computer Support is the safer option. I use an application called TeamViewer which allows me to access your computer remotely so, you can show me the problem that you are having and so, I can diagnose / resolve it.

It is very easy to set up and I can remove it after we have sorted out the issue that you are having, if you prefer.

This provision of remote support has been very successful, during this period. I have been able to resolve problems, set up software such Zoom which has become popular for keeping in touch with relatives and online meetings. I have also provided training as this is an ideal time to learn new computer skills.

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Increased Cleanliness With Computer Hardware

I will clean your computer with anti-bacterial cleaner before I return it to you and wear a fresh pair of disposable gloves when handling it, before delivering it back to you.

Free software

There is range of free software that enables you to keep in touch with friends and family remotely. These include Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp. I have produced a summary of useful software and basic instructions for setting them up. I can send you more detailed instructions or talk you through it by telephone if required.

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