Free Software Help You Keep In Touch



TeamViewer enables "Remote Control Connections" between computers in different locations. This means that I can connect to your computer from my office and help you with fixing problems, without the need for a home visit. I currently use this for assisting customers with minor issues.

My only caveat (and it is a big one!) is that if we use this application so that I can assist you remotely, you must never, never use it with someone that you don't know personally who has called you unexpectedly. Scam calls are a massive problem right now and many scammers use TeamViewer. You should only allow someone to connect to your computer with TeamViewer if you know them well. I will certainly never attempt a remote connection to your computer, without your express permission.


IPhone Messaging

Apple Messages is excellent and a popular way for Apple IPhone and IPad users to communicate but, unfortunately it does not work on Microsoft Windows and Google Android smartphones and tablet computers. If everyone you want to keep in contact with uses Apple devices, then Apple Messages is great way to keep in touch with them.


Skype - Staying In Contact (Using A Computer)

Skype can be set up on Windows, Mac OSX (Apple Mac) and Linux computers. It can also be set up on Google Andoid smartphones or Apple IPhones. This means that, regardless of what type of computer device you or your family use, you should be able to keep in contact using Skype. With Skype, video or just voice calls can be made. And the calls are free of charge as they are transmiited over your broadband connection (if you are using a computer). On mobile devices, calls are are also free but, will use up data allowance if not conducted using the home wifi connection.




Google Android Messaging

WhatsaApp can be set up on IPhones and Google Android smartphones. It can also be used on a laptop or desktop computer but, you still need a smartphone to set it up and use it this way. WhatsApp like Skype enables you to make voice or video calls or free. If you have a smartphone and the people that you want to contact also have one, this may be your best choice.

If you are interested in my help, via a remote connection, I will email you detailed instructions, after we have agreed this. Or if you need any help concerning setting up on your computer devices any applications for keeping in touch with friends / relatives, do contact me.